Friday, December 1, 2017

My Confirmation Day - November 2015

Three years ago (Sept 2014) I found a home at St. Mary's Episcopal Church. It was a soft landing after my heartbreak and faith crisis that had happened during the summer.

About 1 year later (All Saints' Day 2015) I was Confirmed. This is a pic of me and my loved ones who came and supported me at my Confirmation. (I'm going through old pictures today and found this one. When I looked at my blog, I realized that I'd never done a post about my Confirmation. Better late than never!)

Several people that I had invited were sad and/or uncomfortable that I'd left my previous faith tradition, so they didn't attend.

These people are the ones who held me up as I was crumbling back then. I very much appreciate and love them! ♥

Some who meant to be there, but couldn't be:
Josh, Hayley, and Mercedes had attended my Confirmation, but had to leave b/c Mercedes wasn't feeling well. Miah and Teryn couldn't come b/c they were visiting their dad.
Also, Matt stayed home w/ Mike who'd had a seizure earlier in the day and wasn't feeling well.

Rio & Amber, Grover & Karen, Ben & Aiden, Ashton, Steve, Jessica & Ruth, Kimberly, Kristina, Marci, and Sherry were able to get a photo with me in front of those bright red doors. Those doors represented to me that everyone is welcome inside. How I love those red doors!

♥ Melody

Looking in the rear view mirror of life

December 1st and there is no snow on the ground - that pleases me!

In the past few years, I have started detesting being cold. Before, I didn't like it, but it didn't bother me TOO much. In the past few years, I would much rather be too hot than too cold.

Today, I went through some pics that Steve took of me. It is interesting to see myself from different angles and situations that I'd never see myself in. Like these:

I am longing for summer. And shorts. And sandals.

♥ Melody

Sunday, November 26, 2017

22 Years

Steve & I celebrated 22 years this year. It's a good start!

Our anniversary was on Wednesday; I don't know what we were thinking getting married so close to Thanksgiving! We rarely celebrate on the day.

This year, we celebrated today with church, then lunch at the Outback Steakhouse & watching a movie after that. We went and saw Blade Runner.

Lunch was great! The movie was good too, but be warned: you have to watch the first movie to understand the second. Steve thought it was fantastic! I was clueless.

The best part was sitting next to each other in the movie. The armrest flipped up, so we snuggled and watched the movie. That is something we don't do very often, so it was a real treat.

Thanks to Matthew for watching Michael for us. It was a wonderful day! ♥

♥ Melody