Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cedes pink cast

Mercedes with her pretty pink cast and huge grin. How I love this brave little girl!
(The story of the break can be found here.)

♥ Melody

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The hazards of sleep walking

Last night, I woke up to Steve telling me that he was going to turn on the light and asking if I was okay.

Unfortunately, as he was talking to me, I was still in my dream: In my dream, I was in a trailer or maybe a boat. In my dream, I had been dashing toward the front window to latch it when my foot got caught on something and I fell down on the floor of the boat or trailer - sprawling onto the metal floor.
In real life, I got caught up on something, too, and crashed to the floor somehow - but I have no recollection of how I fell, what I fell on (other than the floor) or exactly how I landed...

I am very sore today - especially the tips of the finger on my left hand (the middle finger actually has a bruise at the tip), my index finger on my right hand, and my right shoulder. I have a bruise on my knee and my toes hurt. Fortunately, I didn't get a concussion when I hit my forehead.

Sleep walking is typically just annoying, but a couple of times now, I have gotten hurt as I act out my dreams.

Poor Steve woke up to me shouting and then a huge crash. And I complain about his snoring...

♥ Melody

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day Weekend - Monday::Hanging out with Josh, Hayley, and the littles

Since Josh had to work on Friday and Saturday and couldn't go camping, and Hayley wasn't crazy enough to take the kids and go by herself, I told them that we should hang out on Monday. What we did wasn't quite what we'd planned though...

So, in Sunday's Family Picnic post, I told you that Mercedes had fallen and broken her arm:

Josh and Hayley wanted to take the kiddos and go home, and so I said that I'd watch the older kiddos and take them home later, so that they could play together and with cousins. So they took Chyann and Jackson home and left Mercedes, Miah, and Teryn - one of the last things they said was to be careful, because they didn't have health insurance...
Mercedes was on the jungle gym playing and fell... and got a buckle fracture; more about that in Monday's post.

I had told Mercedes when I was taking her home on Sunday night that after she went to bed and woke up, I would bet that her arm would feel much better. (Josh told me that he'd asked her on Sunday if her arm was feeling better and she kept telling him that Grandma Mema said it would feel better tomorrow, but not today. LOL :) ) I was hoping to plant a little seed in her head that it would get better in hopes that all she needed to do was believe it...

She didn't feel better. In fact, she'd woken up at 1 a.m. crying because of the pain. SO... Hayley called the doc and Chyann, Hayley, and I took Mercedes to the doctor.

At the doctor's office.

The doctor looked at it and said that if a child is still complaining the next day, an xray should be taken. Luckily, they had an xray machine in their office, and Mercedes was taken down the hall for a picture.

Then, the doctor came in and said that it was broken. He said that she had a buckle fracture - the bone smashed a bit when she fell and tried to catch herself with her arm.

The broken/buckled part is circled.

So, he shaped a splint to her little hand and sent us on our way; she'll get a waterproof cast end of this week or first of next.

She was a trooper and never even cried. She liked her sucker that they gave her for being so brave. 

She had a red sucker, same as me. :) Chyann got a sucker for being so good, too. 

Meanwhile, back at the house, Josh and Jackson sat outside together on the chair.

And ate donuts.

And didn't touch Grandma Mema's pinwheel, but just looked from behind another yard decoration.

After we got back from the doctor's office, we were all starving! Steve and Michael stayed home, because neither of them were feeling great, and Josh, Hayley, Mercedes, Chyann, Jackson, and Grandma Mema (me!) piled in the car and went to Carl Jr.'s so that the kids could play on the indoor playground, and we could all eat some lunch; Matt came along in his own car since there wasn't a spot for him.

After a late lunch, we headed for the park. We were going to go up Provo Canyon and get out of the heat, but after seeing all of the traffic on the roads, we settled for a park in Provo instead. We went to the park off of the Old State Street that connects Provo to Springville. We played on the playground for a while, then ate a popsicle when the Ice Cream Man came around, then we took a walk around the pond. 

Around the pond, there is a boardwalk that loops around and through the wetland area. The air was so humid there, and we saw lots of little fish and many dragonflies. When we walked through the trees, it was so shady and cool. The air was pungent, as wetlands are, and I felt right at home; all of those smells and sights reminded me of growing up in Salem next to the pond. There was a nest of ducks that were resting on the bank of the pond as we entered and exited. We walked too near them, and they waded into the water and swam away.

After walking through it twice, once from each direction, we got in the car and headed home. After a quick stop for take-out from Taco Bell, we came home and ate outside at the picnic table.

I hurried and took a picture before they left, since I'd forgotten and
left my camera home throughout all of our adventures during the day.

After I took the picture above, Jackson ran over to me and I took his closeup. :)

Then, as it was getting dark, Josh and Hayley got the wee ones into their car and went home. 

That was a very good day, and a perfect end to a wonderful weekend. 

♥ Melody